Valley of The Hudson

Knights of the Double Eagle- Valley of the Hudson


The Knight of the Double Eagle Service Award program was established in the Valley of the Hudson, as a means of recognizing members who actively participate in Valley programs and Scottish-Rite sponsored events. The program was adapted from similar programs active in a number of valleys in the Southern Masonic Jurisdiction. The Valley of the Hudson of the Northern Masonic Jurisdiction has been authorized to run the program. The Knights of St. Andrew, KSA, will administer the Knights of the Double Eagle program.

All members of the Valley of the Hudson are eligible to become Knights of the Double Eagle by actively participating in the business, events and activities conducted or sponsored by the Valley. Points are awarded for participation, and upon receiving 500 points, a member is made a Knight of the Double Eagle, and presented with the jewel shown on the left.

The points and guidelines for attaining points are outlined as follows:

Events: Attending or participating in various events will earn 25 points (i.e., Scheduled Body mtg, Feast of Pascal Lamb, Ceremony of Lights, Double Eagle Awards Night, etc.; Reunions, 25 points per day attending; Work on special events associated with the Temple which benefit the Valley (i.e.; ushering a play, concert, seminar, etc., attend an investiture, walk-a-thon, and other events authorized by the executive board) 25 points each.

Service: Elected officer 100 points; appointed officer 50 points; Standing Committee Chairman 75 points; work on a committee 25 points; participate in a called work party, 1 to 3 hrs, 25 points, more than 3 hours 50 points; degree participation, and other activities authorized by the executive board, 25 points each; Council of Deliberation attendance 25 points.

Extended Service: A member will become a Knight of the Double Eagle, and be awarded a Basic Medallion with black ribbon after acquiring 500 points. After receiving the basic award, a member can continue to accumulate points and extended service recognition as follows:

500 points - basic medallion w. ribbon
1000 points - red hanging bar
1500 points - white hanging bar
2000 points - blue hanging bar
2500 points - gold hanging bar
5000 points - medallion ribbon changed to red
7500 points - medallion ribbon changed to white
10000 points - medallion ribbon changed to blue
15000 points - Gold double headed eagle pin attached to ribbon
20000 points - Red, white, and blue ribbon. End of awards

General Guidelines: Award points are accumulated on a calendar year basis. The cut-off date is December 31st each year. The award will normally be presented at the following Annual Meeting. Chairmen must turn in names of participants and their events to the Double Eagle committee by January 31st. Names for points in qualifying events received after that date will be accredited to the next year.